Monday, October 30, 2006

what gets me by

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't (only) internet porn that has been getting me through school alive these last three years. Nor is it this blog, even though this blog has been a real and true life-line for almost one whole year now.

No, the one website that I have relied on for quality entertainment for at least two years now has been My first experience of homestar runner was thanks to my friend Hoot, who found the Teen Girl Squad cartoons online and showed them to me at work one night. I thought they were heee-larious. For a long time (in typical territorial, scorpio fashion) I refused to look at any of the other cartoons on the site, I just watched the TGS cartoons over and over. Finally, I explored and found the rest of the site to be just as awesome and entertaining.

Anyway, one of my favorite staples on the homestar runner site are the annual halloween cartoons they make. Once you're familiar with all the characters, its extra funny to see them dressed in their costumes each year. All week, I've been re-watching the old halloween cartoons, in anticipation of this year's. They were so great, so funny. Finally, today, the 2006 halloween cartoon came out and, I'm sad to say, it's kinda lame. Doesn't matter, it's still pretty sweet and I want the world to know that homestar runner gets me through the tough times. Thanks homestar runner!


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