Thursday, December 07, 2006

don't worry about that terrorism thing, it's covered

Actual headline from yahoo news: Llamas Enlisted to Thwart Biological Weapons

So, yeah, don't stress about biological weapons. The llamas are on top of it. Here's the non-link if you're actually interested in the llamas' secret plan:

Meanwhile, as I listened to news about the Iraq Study Group Report, I finally figured out the silver-lining to Bush's "reelection" in 2004. If Bush hadn't been "reelected", we wouldn't be sitting here in 2006 watching him get his ass handed to him in every conceivable way. His terrible approval ratings, the mid-term elections, Rummie's ouster, and now his Dad's best friends give the whole Iraq endeavor a giant F minus. Ouch.

I'm not sure it's worth it, really, but it's better than nothing.


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