Wednesday, February 14, 2007

more frozen car doors???

As I've mentioned before, this site has been getting a steady stream of hits from searches for "frozen car door." I've been thinking to myself for awhile that if I had a dollar for every hit, I could buy myself lunch every day. Somedays it would just be lunch at Taco Bell, but somedays it would be lunch at, like, Burgerville, which is decidedly better.

Well, today I could take myself out for a freakin steak b/c, by 10am, I've already had over 20 hits for frozen car doors! What is up, people?? Everybody's doors are freezing and for some reason they're all coming to me! I did the search myself, and while I *do* come up on the first page, there are other sites that look more informative...

I just feel bad for these people because I hate to think they come to this site and don't actually get any useful information and they find themselves clicking out of my site as quickly as possible and thinking "stupid blog, how did I end up on a stupid blog, stupid blogs don't FIX MY CAR!"

So I decided to try and really figure out how to fix this problem so that people who end up here might actually leave with useful information. Here's what I discovered: If your car door is frozen OPEN, which is what happened to me last month (where it was sort of frozen shut, but once I managed to open it the latch wouldn't work to close it back) -- you can spray de-icer in the latch mechanism to get it to work in the moment. Then, later, when it's warmed up, you can spray the mechanism with WD-40 to keep it moving smoothly in the future.

Personally, when this happened to me, I didn't happen to have any de-icer laying around. Although, I live in Portland Oregon where it rarely freezes, so I shouldn't be expected to keep a supply of car-freezing supplies on hand. However, all y'all who live in the Northeast where it's sure to be snowing and frozen for months out of the year, y'all should definitely invest in some de-icer. It can only come in handy.

That said, I don't know if it actually works, that was just the answer that kept coming up repeatedly on the Yahoo Answers website. Good luck.


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