Saturday, March 31, 2007

adventures in tech support, i mean, digital photography

This is NOT what a photo is supposed to look like. I mean, it's a sort of cool effect, but it is not an intended effect, and that's the problem.

This, my friends, is a corrupted image. I got that much out of the HP tech support person who answered my email last night. However, tech support's suggestion (format the camera) didn't help. I'm awaiting a follow-up email and we'll see what happens...

For now, don't expect anymore photo-essays on any new, exciting topics ("faces of loss" for example, the photo-essay I might do after SK leaves for England in ten short days, or "watch my plants grow," the one I was planning when I took the photo you see here).

Meanwhile, my camera looks at me and says "You bought me on e-bay, what do you expect?" And I feel like a sucker.


Blogger shishyboo said...

this sometimes happens to me too, have found that deleting the image from the computer and downloading it from the camera again works (most of the time)

10:14 PM  

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