Monday, March 12, 2007

so far, so good

As you all know, I am FREE from all school/exam related obligations FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, pip. (Just so you know, pip is my new shorthand for "providing I passed." I will superstitiously tack that on to the end of any claim directly implicating successful completion of school and exams. Because, you know, I can't really be sure until I get my grades back.)

So, pip, I'm done! And I've had a nice time so far. Saturday was the ethics exam, which I've already described. Saturday evening I met up with Waspy for a couple drinks at my favorite old haunt, Hobo's. Waspy is the success story who gives me hope for my future. I have watched other law school grads flounder and end up taking jobs babysitting and making lattes because they couldn't find legal work. Not my Waspy. Six months out of law school and she landed herself a sweet job at one of the biggest firms in town and now she makes more money than god... I'm guessing... b/c she hasn't told me how much she makes, but I'm pretty sure it's more than god.

Anyway, so she's my inspiration and if she can land a hot job at a top firm, I can at least expect to be paid by someone to do something somewhere. Right? I hope so. So Waspy and I had drinks and made the chit-chat -- I always love to hear the dramas of life as an actual lawyer. *Sigh* -- maybe those will be *my* dramas someday...

That was Saturday night. Sunday was my first, and only really free day. I spent the first half puttering around my house in a fog. I took a bath, read a magazine and made a list of things to do. So exciting. Then I picked up SK for a walk in Forest Park. I love Forest Park and, despite the thick mud coating most of the trail, it was still an awesome walk. This time of year is so incredible -- buds are just beginning to swell and pop on trees, the trillium are blooming, the temperature was actually *warm* yesterday, despite the thick clouds. I ended up hiking the trail in just a t-shirt... and pants of course... you know. Anyway, it was lovely.

After that, SK and I went to a coffeeshop under the Fremont Bridge in a very industrial part of NW Portland and drank coffee and read the Sunday Times. I *love* sitting in coffeeshops reading and SK generally doesn't, so it was a super-big treat when she actually *suggested* it. I was pretty excited. During the darkest days of bar-study, I LONGED for the day I could finally just lounge around in a cafe with the newspaper and nothing else pressing or looming over me. Ahhhhh, freedom (pip).

Once we'd exhausted our interest in the newspaper, we went home, ate supper, and had an argument about American humor versus English humour. Then we made up, watched an episode of the English version of The Office, and went to bed. Yay.

And how did I follow-up that exciting weekend? I went to the dentist at 9:30 this morning because I've been having pain in a tooth. Don't worry, she thinks it's something that will clear up on it's own. No drilling, no novocane, no crown for me today. Just a few minutes with tools in my mouth. Now it's all good. Yay for freedom and easy dental work! Now I'm going to go celebrate my freedom with some pleasure reading. Yay!


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