Monday, April 02, 2007

the hours go slowly rolling by...

Happy Passover!

I'm not having a sedar, but my upstairs people are. That's good. I don't feel so bad now.

I'm still sick, but I dragged myself down the street earlier to rent some movies. It took me probably a half an hour, wandering around the video store, before I finally found two movies that look interesting: The Squid and the Whale and an old one called Dog Day Afternoon, with Al Pacino.

That was a pretty good movie. I just finished it a bit ago. Al Pacino is a rock star. Very hot, with his little outfit and his messy hair and his "Attica! Attica!" And that shit really happened! Unreal.

Now, after a brief intermission, I will watch the other one. SK says it's good. Maybe you'll get another update after that, if I'm still conscious. Something to look forward to.


Anonymous sk said...

check these out!
the plagues!!
good passover to you too:-)))

7:57 PM  

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