Friday, November 02, 2007

already the pressure is tremendous

It's only day two and I suddenly realized that if I didn't post right now, I might not get a chance to post again before the end of the day! Which means I would have failed the Nano challenge in TWO DAYS! And that's just sad.

I'm at work right now, wrapping up the last 45 minutes of my work-week (which looks a lot like surfing the net and yawning) - I'm doing a new job at work on Fridays, I'm being the Interim Program Assistant. And I really like it. I'd like to be the permanent Program Assistant. And then, someday, the Program Administrator. But we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

In other news, remember that chick from work Dree, who I once had a bit of a (totally inexplicable and strong) crush on? Well, I learned today that she got dumped by her marvelous and wonderful girlfriend. The woman for whom she gave up her belief in polyamory and her interest in playing pinball and drinking beer with me. I am trying not to revel in her misfortune... but I guess I'm not trying hard enough... :-) Because I'm reveling. And reveling feels nice.

Reveling in the misfortunes of others feels better than driving across town to undecorate a house for last week's Halloween party. That's how I'll spend a chunk of my evening. Then maybe me and Adventure Girl will hit the town for some drinks and low-key, early-ending action. I've had a long week, I can't get too crazy tonight.


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