Friday, October 26, 2007

well then

I was planning to put up a post called "a beautiful day in my neighborhood," which was supposed to include a lovely photo I took today of the autumn leaves in Irving Park over on Fremont. However, Blogger has other ideas. Apparently, Blogger isn't feeling well tonight and isn't technologically in the mood to allow me to upload photos. Sorry Blogger, hope you feel better tomorrow.

Instead I will just tell you (using my words) that it is really gorgeous in my neighborhood these days. What with the leaves changing and the... well... it's mostly just the leaves. And that crisp autumn air. It's pretty nice. Makes me want to hole up in a rustic little cabin somewhere with a lot of books and a fireplace and some root vegetables to eat. Fall gives me a powerful urge to nest. Good thing I've got the hovel.

Speaking of the hovel, it's getting a little dingy in here. I think some non-spring spring cleaning is due. I still haven't fully unpacked from my vacation, nearly three weeks worth of mail is scattered around my desk, my carpet is filthy and every flat surface is cluttered with junk just waiting to be sorted and stored.

I've got lots to do and no time to do it in. Remember how I used to have those lovely three day weekends? Well, those are gone. I'm working Fridays now, in the daytime, which means I have 8 less fun-hours per week and 8 more money-hours, which is good I guess. This weekend the X-Factor Kayakers are throwing a Halloween party... or really, Adventure Girl and I are throwing a Halloween party for the kayakers and anyone else who can show up. Unfortunately, our invites went out a little late and now I'm worried we'll be saddled with a pony keg (pun intended) that we can't possibly drink in one night. Oh well. Guess we'll all have to come back for round two on Sunday.

Oh lovely! Looks like Blogger has decided to stop being a douche and allow me to upload pics. Here's my beautiful neighborhood. Now I'm going to bed.


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sooo pretty.

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