Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my halloween party full of old ladies

As you may know from previous posts, Adventure Girl and I threw a big Halloween Party for our kayaking friends this past weekend. I have, over the years, grown accustomed to throwing Halloween Parties. That tends to be the best way for me to insure that I'll be able to dress in drag and enjoy fabulous Halloween decorations each year. Of course, in my tiny hovel there's no way I can throw a real party of any kind and so, last year, I had to go without. And this year, I managed to join forces with Adventure Girl.

Unfortunately, you just can't bring the past back to life. My fantasies of bringing together so many old friends, just like the good old days, quickly dissipated. I have lost touch with lots of people, am no longer enough in their good graces to expect them to spend time on the biggest party night of the season hanging out in the home of one of my kayaking buddies, just because I asked. My closest friend in town, Leo, all but said she had better things to do. Everybody had better things to do. Except Rose, fortunately. And so, Rose from school was my only friend to show up at the Halloween Party.

Regardless of my lack of old friends, I was of course surrounded by my new friends, my kayaking buddies who have become, almost instantly, like a second family. They're a bunch of really lovely women and I'm really thankful to know them. And now, without further jibber-jabber, here are some more pictures from the party. Enjoy.
Sweet little luminescent bags lining the walk. They blew over within thirty minutes and burt to a crisp. Oh well. I should'a stuck a rock in each one...

Monster fingers!!! I made these myself after seeing them in one of my stepmother's magazines while I was back east. Aren't they cute?

DD and Adventure Girl! DD, who is a nurse, is appropriately dressed as the Operation game guy. Adventure Girl is obviously dressed as the wicked witch of the west. She won the costume contest in a landslide. DD got third place. (Second place, not pictured, was a woman dressed as "a hairy potter" -- she had a big fluffy wig on and had fuzzy hair taped onto the backs of her hands... and she was carrying some clay around. After she left, we found a cute little clay bowl on the table...)

These two were CREEPY. I don't know who they were and they didn't break character all night. They just walked around whispering to each other and looking at everyone from behind they're totally scary masks. Yikes.

A-ha! Sherrif HR! Look out, she's packing real heat. (It was unloaded, though.)

Rose towers over me. She was the only brave soul who showed up without a costume, so we gave her some fairy wings.

Most of my kayaking group. Our ages range from 32 (that's me!) to 61, which I think is pretty fucking cool.

Rose and me, lookin' sinister.

Me, lookin' hawt. How do you like that fake cigarette? HR and Adventure Girl got it for me at a novelty shop. It looks so real, people kept coming up to me all night to see if I was really so bold as to stand around Maia's beautiful house smoking. I wasn't. But I worked it like a pro all night. Fun times.


Blogger roro said...

Your party looks like a blast (and your costume - so awesome). We really dropped the Hallowe'en ball this year - we don't even have little candy to eat while we pretend to wait for kids to knock on the door! Pathetic.

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