Sunday, December 09, 2007

lovely lovely

It was a lovely day. I woke in my own bed for a change, after a solid night's sleep which felt great except I still groped around for Mahavira and felt confused and a little sad when I woke up enough to remember where I was. I was home and Mahavira was at her own house, waking up with her straight "friend in crisis" who came over last night to try and decide whether or not to leave her boyfriend. I hung around awhile listening to it all and I don't think she's going to. And she shouldn't, in my opinion, he sounds like a good guy.

Anyway, I got up myself up this morning and made coffee and started downloading the SantaCon pictures off my camera when Leo called and invited me to brunch. I'd already invited her to brunch yesterday, but she was noncommital, so I'd written her off and forgotten about it. She called and said she and Ember were going to brunch whether I came or not, was I interested? Of course. She and Ember broke up but got back together and are now playing it like a couple of 12-steppers: they're taking it day by day. Sounds reasonable.

I agreed to go and then swung open my front door to check the weather and plan my wardrobe. I froze in my tracks and my mouth made that classic, cartoon "O" -- it was snowing. I said, "Holy shit," which is the only thing I can think to say sometimes, and this time it meant "this is so exciting!" But it was too early to be so excited and anyway, snow does tend to feel sort of holy to me, so hushed and lovely.

Leo and Ember picked me up ten minutes after they called and Leo drove us to Junior's in SE where the line was deceptively small-looking. We were sixth on the list, but considering they've only got about ten tables in the whole place, it wasn't like the line was moving at anything but a glacial pace. Leo forced an overworked, harried server to give her a cup of coffee, then we took a very long walk through the neighborhood. It was crisp and grey and the snow fell lightly and stuck in our hair and on our jackets like ephemeral confetti. Leo and Ember are plant people. They dissected and critiqued everyone's front yard flora while I stood and marvelled at the snow.

Eventually we made it back to the restaurant, we ate a mediocre meal and as we were leaving I managed to talk Leo into agreeing to make me a scarf. I'm sick of the blue fleece scarf I've been wearing for two years now. I generally hate synthetic materials anyway and I've been planning to replace this scarf with a nice wool one for awhile, I just hadn't gotten around to it. Leo, a passionate knitter, attacked the plan with gusto and immediately dragged me (and an unexcited Ember) to two different knitting stores to help me pick out the appropriate yarn. I chose a soft, tweedy wool of a lovely, warm, verigated green variety. Varigated is probably not the right word, it implies a pattern of changing color. This wool was mostly green, with flecks of other colors, brighter green, orange, the occasional pink, teal. But mostly, mostly that warm, olivey green. I can't wait to have it around my neck.

Now many hours have passed. I've done laundry, run errands, had my daily, piping-hot bubblebath (because I'm a princess), posted SantaCon pictures, meditated/chanted for almost an hour, folded and put away my laundry, lit the menorah, watered the plants that needed it, and read some of a very bizarre book... and now I'm going to head over to Mahavira's house. She gets off her shift at 11 and I'll be there in the window of Mississippi Pizza again, just like I was last Sunday night, drinking a beer, reading a book, waiting for her.


Blogger stumptown dreamer said...

sounds like an awesome Sunday - sounds like you are a little in love :-)))
super sweet post.
and the santa con pictures, just hilarious. i swear i recognised some folks i worked with from Powells in the photos.
oh, those portlanders!

2:51 AM  
Blogger Trinity2 said...

It all sounds very great! Still - it looks cool out there!

5:43 AM  

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