Tuesday, March 18, 2008

can't... seem... to think...

I'm sitting at Mahavira's, watching her write a paper. I started a new job yesterday, at my old workplace, and nothing about it seems new except the hours. And the pay, which I haven't actually seen yet, but I know that suddenly each hour I spend there is worth about five dollars more than it was last week. Which is one hell of a raise.

So I started shopping just a tiny bit more lately. I went out and bought Mahavira a bunch of little presents to go in an Easter basket. But I forgot that Easter was this coming weekend, not last weekend, so I gave her the Easter basket early. I figured out my mistake before I gave it to her, but I just couldn't sit on the presents for one whole week. I didn't have the patience. I called it "Mahavira's pre-Easter, Palm Sunday, Easter Basket full of AWESOME!" I wrote that on a sign which I hung on the basket and then I left the basket on the bathroom counter for her to find after work. She was surprised.

The Easter basket I made contained: yellow plastic Easter "grass," three large Rice Crispy Treat bars (her favorite), one box of pink Peeps (for color), two different packets of incense, one pack of American Spirit yellows, one packet of rolling papers, one purple lighter, one standing wooden Ganesha figure, and one really cool silver ring from The Gold Door. She was really, really happy. She loves the ring. She loves the incense. She loves all of it. She loves me.

My new job requires me to wake up really early. Not REALLY early, but early for me. 7:30 most days, but 6:30 some days. And 6:30 is pretty early in my book. Today was a 6:30 day and I'm exhausted. I was going to make a curry, but I was tired. Instead I came over to Mahavira's and we walked down to Laughing Planet and I got a bowl called "Soylent Green." Mahavira, studying the menu, said "Zapatista Salad?!?! I will NOT get that on principal. That's like naming a dish the Holocaust Delight!" It was funny. And then we talked about hipsters and this new feather-earring fad that is beginning here in Portland. All in all it was a nice afternoon.


Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

That first line? Bah-rill-yent.

11:09 AM  
Blogger reasonably prudent poet said...

pj -- are you making fun of me?

11:13 AM  

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