Monday, May 05, 2008

catch up

Stuck here at work for another ten minutes, I thought I’d catch up on some very important blogging. It’s not like I’ve got any actual work to do today. Don’t know if anyone’s been reading the papers here in Portland, but we’ve just spent the past week collectively shitting our pants and waiting to hear if our employer is going belly-up. “We” is me and Mahavira, who both work for the same agency at different sites. Even though I hate the thought of losing this new job I love so much, I don’t so much mind the prospect of huddling together in shared poverty with Mahavira. Either way we’ll be huddling together: as of June first we’ll be officially cohabitating. (!!!)

Anyway, the crisis at work seems to be at least temporarily averted and we all actually did get paid last week (which was literally up in the air until the very last minute). In the meantime, I hear my uncle’s got advanced lung cancer that’s already metastasized to lots of other parts and he’s probably only got months to live. I feel like I should send a card, but fuck. What should it say? “Hope your last days are at least comfortable, sorry you’re dying so young?” Or how 'bout the short but sweet “Sucks to be you?” Then there’s the practical “Didn’t we all tell you to quit smoking?” I doubt I’ll find any of these at the Hallmark store anyway.

In brighter news, I got a gorgeous new tattoo this weekend. I’ll take a picture and post it soon, but not right now because, as I mentioned, I’m blogging from work. And anyway, I need to go catch my bus so I better pack up and get myself ready to leave. More soon.


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