Sunday, April 06, 2008


Last night Mahavira and I had some culinary adventures of the herbal variety. These adventures involved simmering a particular green herb in margarine, straining out said green herb, and then using the now quite green margarine to make some, you guessed it, brownies. Medicinal brownies. Strong, medicinal brownies.

A smart person would have learned from her first experience with medicinal brownies last summer on the Waldo Lake camping trip (the trip where all my journal entries start out "OH MY GOD I'M SO HIGH, STOP EATING THOSE FUCKING BROWNIES!!!!") -- A smart person would have, for example, DECLINED to lick the batter. Or, if licking the batter was irresistable (and it was), then a smart person would have declined to eat a brownie once they were done. Because a smart person would have known that no good can come from double dosing on medicinal brownies.

No good at all.

Anyway, nearly 24 hours have passed since Mahavira dubiously handed me the bowl to lick and I think my feet are finally back on the ground. Whew. It's nice to be back.


Blogger south carolina girl said...

strong medicinal brownies??? 24 hours??? omg, how much herb did y'all put in that margerine??? well, then i guess maybe it don't take much, it wouldn't for me. i been pretty much called a square for my lack of cooking with herbs. oh well.


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