Sunday, March 23, 2008

one week down

I finished my first week on the new job. I discovered one unexpected challenge this week: my boss is crazy. And not in a "you-so-crAYzeee" sort of fun way, but in a "you're-making-me-cry" sort of way. Which is a shame, because she was sort of my friend before and she was also already my boss and I didn't realize she was going to take off the mask (or the gloves, whichever metaphor your prefer) and let me have it the minute my status changed from counselor to manager. Goddamn.

And the weirdest thing: after spending about an hour in a skype chat with SK processing the whole thing, I drove over to Mahavira's to drop off the clean laundry, and there's my goddamn boss, walking down the sidewalk to pick up a pizza at the pizza joint underneath Mahavira's apartment! WTF? The universe is fucking with me again. Oh well.


Blogger not drowning waving said...

OMG! That is perfect!!
there she was on the street - did you say hi?
methinks the universe is trying to support both roles/all roles (Friend/boss/colleague/workers)... it's juicy stuff that there she was on the North side of town...

Collusion and the seeking for like-minded souls to walk the path... well, that's ancient stuff... you know what i am talking about... tread care-fully, enjoy!!

1:08 AM  

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