Tuesday, January 31, 2006

no more homeless!

Just a quick note to say yay I have a place to live!!

I got a great basement apartment underneath these lovely, Portland yuppies in Northeast. Near my favorite coffeeshop, good bars and friends. Today I bought a bed, faster than lightening, it was bought and delivered before 9:30am! A miracle. Thanks SK for finessing the guy into opening early for us. Beautiful. Then I went on a Marshall's shopping spree and bought an abundance of pillows and lime green sheets. Lime green! And I bought bright blue towels and now I feel like a grown-up. I haven't moved anything in yet, but I have enough junk from my life as a nomad to manage for two days until the movers come Thursday.

Oh, and I took the inaugeral shower this afternoon. The shower is GREAT!

I'm so happy.


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