Friday, November 17, 2006

i love kiwi!

No, not my New Zealand friend Kiwi. She's nice and all, but... we're just friends.

Kiwi! is an animated movie on YouTube that I watched last night after catching a link to it on Joolie's blog, Oh My Stars and Garters! Oh. My. God. I cried and cried! I was warned that tearage might result, especially if watching while even slightly premenstrual... which I am. But wow. I had no idea.

So, I apologize for my lack of computer skillz, because (despite best efforts and help from friends) I still don't know how to post a working link. So please copy and paste this link into your browser and go watch this video. It's only three minutes long and it's so awesome.

Basically, it's somebody's masters animation project. It is the story of a very sweet little kiwi who stands in as a kind of anti-Sysiphus. She has all of the painstaking labor of Sysiphus's boulder rolling, but instead of perpetual, eternal boredom, the kiwi gets an exhilerating if not briefer reward for her labors.

If you can watch this video and not cry at the end... well... you're just not premenstrual. Good for you.


Anonymous Joolie said...

I watched it again last night and although I did not cry this time, I did get misty.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Dharma said...

Honey, you don't know how to do links of any kind on your blog? Write me and I will try to talk you through it.

10:43 PM  

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