Friday, November 17, 2006

i *said* it was my *birthday*

Thanks to the two lovely people who posted me birthday comments. You are my true blogfriends and everyone else can just hope to catch up tomorrow and not wind up in blog-friend purgatory. You get a grace period, people. Please take advantage of it.

What did I do for my birthday, you ask? If you are only wondering what I might've done *today* for my birthday, you are not thinking big enough. You have to start way further back. You have to start by asking, "What did you do last weekend for your birthday?"

SK and I went out to dinner at the Tin Shed last weekend, the weekend smack between both our birthdays. We each ate exactly the same meal (bacon blue cheese burgers -- though I had cole slaw and she had potato salad) and we had really interesting and animated conversations that made us the envy of all the other boring people in the restaurant.

That was followed by a whole week of birthday presents from SK who, god bless her, was making up for the fact that she was planning to leave town on my birthday. Yes, it's true, SK has run away to the Great White North for the weekend and left me here on my birthday. But like I said, she spent the week filling my mailbox at work with lovely presents, every day. I got some sweet stuff and I am convinced that SK is the most awesome (yet complicated) special friend on the planet.

Blah, blah, mushy stuff. But what about today?? Prepare for disappointment. Today I went to class at nine in the morning. I pretended that the sesame donuts (that's right: sesame donuts) the professor brought in were actually for my birthday and not just a general act of kindness. Then, after two and a half hours of class, I went to the cafeteria and ate a Happy Birthday Bacon Swiss Burger. (I am so grateful to all the animals who contributed to my notable, nearly identical, birthday meals.)

After that, I had a nice phone call with SK who hadn't yet headed for her train, and I followed that up with some tantalizing Birthday Research for the Last Paper of my Law School Career. Woo-hoo! Then what? How to top such an exciting birthday activity?? TWO MORE HOURS OF CLASS!! Ok, just another hour and a half of class, but it felt like at *least* two hours.

Here's the good part. The gift I gave myself today (besides bacon and beef) was two hours less at work! Instead of bolting out of my last class and rushing to make it to work by 4, I strolled out to my car and drove home, content in the knowledge that someone else was working for me until 6. Ah leisure! Ah relaxation!

I went home and checked my email and cleaned my house and made some food and, believe it or not, that all felt pretty nice and relaxing. Then I went to work. Work was dull. I did my writing group, I updated our blog, etc, etc, I hung out with some crazy people, and now here I am. Back home where I ought to be. :-) Drinking my birthday beer from SK and sitting with my feet up and my trusty little ibook in my lap. The good life.

Tomorrow I will actually celebrate. I have vowed not to do a single drop of homework tomorrow. I will wake up and make coffee and lounge around and do all the leisurely things I've been wanting to do. Like read. And work on my lagging behind nano-novel. And then, later on, the fun will start. I'll be meeting up with some folks for birthday drinks and celebrations. Should be lots of people I haven't seen in a long time, and that should be interesting. Yay! I'm having a one-day-late, pseudo-birthday party!

Then, Saturday morning (depending on Friday night) I might extend the celebration to include a post-birthday hangover cure pho lunch at the Pho Jasmine on Killingsworth. Pho is supposed to be the best thing ever for kicking the dog that bit you... or whatever you call it when you need to feel better after a night of boozing. ("A night of boozing" for me, anymore, is three beers, so I better be careful Friday.)

AND LASTY BUT NOT LEASTY -- the ten day birthday celebration will wrap up on SUNDAY with a happy hour round with my BEST (law school) FRIEND WASPY!!! Poor Waspy, I'm always neglecting her, in real life and in blog life, so Sunday will be our first big togetherness outing in awhile. It should be nice. Plus she's handing over an enormous stack of Barbri study books for my bar study festivities which will be coming up in January. Yay for Waspy!

And yay for ten day birthday celebrations! And yay for your patience, if you've gotten this far, YOU deserve a birthday present! You're awesome! Now I'm going to bed. YAY SOME MORE!! IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!


Anonymous tufty said...

yay to 10 days of celebrating your birth
congratulations on the big 32

enjoy the party tonight
and the pho to recover

tufty above the 49th parallel
in rainy vancouver town
missing you

9:41 AM  
Blogger Dharma said...

Very yeah. On the birthday of course, but OMG last paper of school!!!! I dream about such things but I have a long long way to go.

10:41 PM  

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