Tuesday, January 16, 2007

frozen door update

This site has been getting hit after hit from people who have done google searches for some variant of "frozen car door won't shut." Wow. There was a need in the world, and I filled it.

I'm not sure what those folks are looking for exactly, maybe just an amusing story, a chance to commiserate, etc. However, if they're looking for practical advice as to how to fix the problem of the frozen *open* car door, I can't help. I can only say that I left the thing sitting until the temp got above freezing and then it worked.

I tried heating the car up from the inside while leaning my body (mostly the ass area) against the door lock, in hopes that my body heat would seep through the steel of my car door and thaw things out. That didn't work. I thought about trying to bring an extension cord plus hair dryer outside, but my extension cord isn't long enough. I guess I'm lucky to live in a place where the temp rose a smidge above freezing the next day, otherwise...? Hair dryer, maybe? Pouring on hot water? Though, that just sounds like trouble, I don't know.

To all those folks out there with their car doors frozen open, I say, good luck. It sucks. I wish I could help.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More often than not it's actually frozen car doors that cannot be opened. I recently had this problem and found a neat little gadget called Free's Ease that did the trick: www.freesease.com. Might be of help to some readers.

9:16 AM  

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