Sunday, January 14, 2007


Remember how I said I wasn't going to post about studying anymore? Well. I lied. I'm sorry, but it's all I do! I have to post about it or I won't be able to post about anything at all! Forgive me.

So, today while studying at the Black Cat Coffeeshop, I thought back wistfully on a little idea I had a year or so ago about bar study. I tried to convince my colleagues and classmates of the genius of this idea, but to no avail. My idea was this: rather than spend $2,000 on the bar-study prep course, why not take that $2000 and go to Mexico for two months to study??!! Brilliant, no?

I guess I concocted this idea sometime after returning from my trip to Mexico in the summer of 2004. It seemed perfect to me. I imagined myself in the little town of Tulum, south of Cancun and just north of Belize, in the Yucutan, where I stayed several days on my trip. I thought I could find myself a cheap room somewhere, study all day, and then lounge on the beach in the evenings. There might be distractions, but they'd all be in Spanish, so they wouldn't sink in nearly as much. And the over-all atmosphere would be really, really relaxing.

You know, it still sounds pretty perfect to me, and I'm not sure why I gave it up. Oh well. I guess it's too late to turn back now, but it feels nice to just imagine it for a few minutes. Ahhhhh, the lilting waves! Ahhhhh, the ocean breeze! Ahhhh, I just tipped my mojito over on my Multistate Drills and Released Questions book! Oh well. I'll just order another. Mojito, that is.

Ok, I guess that's why I stayed in town. Oh well.


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