Friday, January 12, 2007

maybe this will seem funny tomorrow...

My car door won't shut. It's been below freezing all week and I've let my car just sit there in the shade on the street without once getting in and cranking it up since Sunday. Why? Because I'm a good girl and I ride the bus to work. But when it's time to get over to SK's on the other side of the river, the bus is simply too inconvenient, out of the way and time consuming. Why waste an hour and one bus transfer to go all the way down to the damn Rose Quarter transit center when I can simply jet across the Fremont bridge in my own car in less than 15 minutes?

Well, that's all fine and good until mother nature renders your little golden chariot USELESS. I went out tonight after my long boring day studying, all packed up and ready to spend a nice, cushy evening with SK. My first sign of trouble was the frozen door lock. With a little shoving and wiggling it eventually gave way and then the sort of *puuuuuullll* and the sort of *craaaaaaackle* of the door as I wrenched it open from it's frozen state. I didn't bother to shut it as I cranked up the engine, adjusted the defrosters and looked around for the scraper.

Once I got out to scrape the windshield, however, I realized I was in trouble. I shut the door and it bounced right back open. WTF. So I shut it again and again it bounced open. So, after a volley of SLAM-SLAM-SLAMS and curses, I ran in for my flashlight so I could inspect the effing lock mechanism to see what effing heck was going on. In short: nothing was going on. When I pulled the handle, nothing happened when I know, for a fact, that SOMETHING is supposed to happen when you pull the door handle. Something mysterious but nonetheless significant.

I slammed and slammed the door a lot more, just to make myself feel better, then I called SK who suggested helpful things, none of which worked. So that was that. I would not be driving across the river tonight. Fine. I turned my car around so that gravity wasn't pulling the door open and I used a bungee cord to hold the thing relatively shut... shut enough to keep the open-door lights from coming on. Hopefully it will stay that way all night. And hopefully, tomorrow, it will warm up enough to thaw my g.d. car out enough to function for a frickin change. And maybe, also, I'll stop using all these fake cuss words because the fake cuss words are just weird.


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