Saturday, March 17, 2007

good times

Yesterday, SK and I took a long walk through Forest Park, which is gloriously alive with spring. When SK wasn't busy mocking me mercilessly for my self-taken flickr photos ("looking up," she says, and laughs hysterically) she took the time to snap some very nice pictures of nature, including this lovely trillium. Meanwhile, I was crying on the inside.

After our lovley hike, and our lovely lunch at the L and M cafe, we took a nice trip to Freddies out on Broadway to find SK a suitcase for her upcoming 3 MONTH LONG trip abroad. We also found me a person-sized pillow to cling to in the night while SK is gone, but let's not talk about that.

Eventually, we parted for the evening. SK went off to see a German movie with Dr. Dutch and I went off to a BBQ at my friend Leo's house. I wanted to get there earlier than the 6:00 start-time because the weather was so gorgeous and I wanted to maximize my beer-drinking-in-the-sun time. However, despite getting there at 5:30, I had no beer-drinking-in-the-sun because the sun did not manage to find it's way into Leo's backyard. Or front porch. Or front yard. It was like a miracle of nature because, despite the fact that the sun was shining like crazy, it couldn't penetrate the aura surrounding Leo's house.

Once I realigned my expectations and waved good-bye to my dream of sitting in the sun with a nice, cold beer, I sat in the kitchen with Leo instead and watched her make this really incredible potato casserole with fennel and double-fat whipping cream and about a pound of grated assiago cheese. It looked incredible and it tasted like artery-clogging heaven.

People came, people went, there were dogs, we sat in the backyard and discussed woodstoves (a subject I think I know about because I bought one and had it installed my last house), the grill was finally fired up, meat was charred, it got dark, it got cold, we moved the party inside, I made a plate so packed with food I was ashamed and embarrassed, but I had packed it for two because I knew SK would probably swing by after her movie, and she did! And she ate and we all made the chit-chat and then we left.

And it was really, really good.


Blogger stumptown dreamer said...

oh that trillium looks better that it did in real life.

what shall we title it?
"face off with flower"?
"looking straight ahead"?

no more, i promise no more,though dont forget to tell the folks that you had a pretty good chuckle yourself :-))))))

10:06 AM  

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