Tuesday, May 08, 2007

dressing like a grownup

It's hard to think seriously about finding a day job when the weather is so distractingly gorgeous, but my life as an adult is about to catch up with me. Tomorrow I'm going to Salem for my big swearing-in and I have to wear a suit.

Ok, I don't *have* to wear a suit, but *ought* to wear a suit, so I will. The last time I had to dress like a lawyer for any length of time was during the spring of 2005 when I participated in my school's legal clinic. I accumulated a handful of different outfits and I have taken those outfits for granted ever since. They hang in my closet and give me a false sense that I have grown-up clothes to wear when the time comes.

But do you want to know something about those outfits? THEY ALL SUCK! Even my suit. I am finally ready to come to terms with the truth: I dress like I come from another planet. You know the Harry Potter books? And how, when the magical people try to mingle with the non-magical people, they do a terrible job dressing themselves properly? They have no sense of fashion or how things ought to go together, they just think: pants, shirt, shoes, socks, I'm set! Well... that's me.

I got out my "suit" today and tried it on. The jacket is nice, but the pants that came with the jacket were dorky so I got rid of them. The pants I use now match the jacket's color, but the texture of the fabric is just slightly different. And the legs are just a tad too short. And there's a hole near the waist that is held together by a conspicuous safety pin which means that, when I wear these pants, I *have* to keep my jacket on at all times.

My shoes aren't good either and the shirt I've picked out is so-so. I have no good accessories (except for a lovely, black Kenneth Cole shoulder bag that I'm very happy about), and I just look like a girl in boy-drag. I don't even look like a cute boy, I look like a "Don't" picture from a magazine.

I need to go suit shopping, but not before tomorrow. Tomorrow I will just have to walk around like a big dork all day. At least, after 1:30pm, I'll be a dork who is also an active member of the Oregon bar. Not all dorks are so fancy.


Blogger stumptown dreamer said...

wishing you a great day in your dorky suit! hope the drive down and back is fun and your swearing in is as good as my becoming a citizen - maybe they give you a little plastic flag too??!

all these years of work and study and exams and projects and now this...

good luck with it all!

so proud of and for you:-)))

oh and great about your new coffee shop - not sure about the cute girls thing, but maybe they are all cute girls like you, hanging out because their g/fs are far away!

the coloured glass sounds wonderful, we will go when i get back:-)

11:57 PM  
Blogger zuhn said...

So now that you're actually a lawyer, are you going to be insufferable and charge us for your time?

Congrats. Even if you look like a dork.

3:00 PM  

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