Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I was getting myself all geared up for a walk down to Wild Oats for some supplies, but it looks like some apocolyptic style weather has just settled in outside, so I guess I'll just sit here with my computer in my lap some more, while my remaining potted plants are ravaged by hailstones the size of... well... bb's. But they probably still hurt. The plants.

Anyway, my girlfriend has been gone exactly three weeks now and I don't think I've whined about it at all! Not publicly at least. Not on this blog. She's mostly staying in a town called Bedford with her sister, but right now she's back in London for a few days to see friends and stuff. When she checks my blog from Bedford, my sitemeter says her city is: Weston Under Lizard. Which is funny.

In other news, I tried to read another book denouncing religion (not just Christianity this time) but after about ten pages, I just couldn't see the point in it, so I stopped. The bottom line is that religious belief is not an intellectual endeavor and attempts to debunk belief with intellectual arguments will only be interesting to people without religious belief. I have a lot of churning thoughts on the subject that I will leave to churn awhile longer before trying to articulate them.

Until then, I switched from the anti-religion book to War and Peace. Telling people you're reading War and Peace is like telling them that, after work, you're planning to climb Mt. Everest or work on the cure for cancer. For some reason people at work laugh like I'm crazy. Last night, when I said I was going to take my break in the loft and read, they started speculating on how many half-hour breaks it would take me to finish it. Like I'm only planning to read it on my breaks at work! They're imbeciles.

Anyway, since I can't seem to feel the least bit interested in pursuing the legal career I am now trained, qualified and nearly licensed for, I have been upping the ante on my literature ambitions. I was reading Dostoevsky. I just finished Henry James's The Portrait of a Lady, and now War and Peace. After this 1500 page tome, I'm not sure what to tackle next. I could go in one of two directions: I could go for the totally opaque Ulysses, by James Joyce, or I could go for the unbearably long (seven volumes) Remembrance of Things Past (a.k.a. In Search of Lost Time) by Marcel Proust. I'm leaning towards Proust. Why didn't I pursue a literature degree like I'd originally intended?

Ok. That's all for now. My 1500 page tome is waiting for me and since the weather is still frightening, I'm not going to the store any time soon. I'll just have to try and survive a whole day without whole-wheat English muffins and kale. I think I can do it.


Blogger LeLo in NoPo said...

Just tell me you don't eat the kale with the english muffins. Because that I couldn't understand.

P.S. Don't go out. It's hailing right now.

2:09 PM  
Blogger reasonably prudent poet said...

don't worry. the english muffins get fried eggs and cheese on them and the kale (are you ready for this?) goes with steamed beets and quinoa. it's what i like to call a balanced diet.

and dude, not only is it hailing like a mofo, it's THUNDERING AND LIGHTENINGING!!! you know how rare that is out here. yay! but i have to leave for work in an hour, so... but at least i'm driving today and not bussing it. standing at the bus-stop in this shit would suck.

2:18 PM  
Blogger zuhn said...

I tried to read A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man once and never again. I would never even contemplate picking up Ulysses. Definitely go for the Proust. I stopped in the middle of Vol.2 a few years back and now I'm kicking myself for it because I'll have to start all over again.

6:50 PM  

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