Monday, May 07, 2007

technical difficulties

I apologize to anyone who checked this site earlier today and left wondering what the hell was so adoreable. I tried to post a cute little picture of the Queen with a maniacal grin on her face, but for reasons that are too boring to explain, the picture was visible on MY computer, but not on anyone else's. Sorry.

In other news, I saw a raccoon at the park! She stared me down as she moved from one tree to another this afternoon while I lay in the grass reading and enjoying the gorgeous day. Raccoons are cool, when they aren't menacing your cats or digging through your garbage.

Now I have to go eat lunch and go to work. My busy life just won't give me a break. :-)


Blogger zuhn said...

I was wondering what was so adorable. I was hoping for an animal of some sort. Preferably in its infantile state.

As for raccoons, they also bite wires in attics and cause house fires of cute girl in school.

4:41 PM  

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