Sunday, May 06, 2007


This movie is GREAT. It's brought to us by the creator of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, John Cameron Mitchell, and it's just as good as Hedwig, if not better.

Yes, it involves a lot of real sex. By real sex, I mean, a lot of real people actually having real sex that you can actually see with your actual, real eyes. Real sex. And the first scene, a montage that introduces you to all the main characters, culminates in a lot of male ejaculate. Which, you know, makes some of my female compatriots gag. But, I swear, if you can get past those first ten minutes, it's worth it.

Yes, it's about sex, but it's not a sexy movie. Ok, sometimes it's sexy. But really it's about people facing their own deepest, hardest things, digging into their shameful places, their damaged places, and reaching out from those places and making real, genuine connections with each other. It's about community and relationship and growth. Its a really sweet movie. A really loving movie. And, at the same time, clever, light-hearted and hip.

Plus there are hot people. And they spend some quality time naked. I'm adding it to my very short list of favorite movies. Yay.


Anonymous sk said...

super glad you enjoyed it - when i booked it from the library a hundred or more days ago i had hoped we might watch it together.

i can't remember what your pseudonym for the graubster was, but she loved it too! saw it twice in one weekend.
did you watch it again and again??

i dont think it has even made it to british shores, or if it has i have not seen it around in dvd stores.... not that i have been looking - but things open here much later than there, perhaps shortbus is on its way.

1:36 PM  

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