Tuesday, June 05, 2007

this is not my beautiful house

Hello internet friends! It's almost 2am and I'm still at work! Awesome! I don't know why, but the on-caller who was supposed to work graveyard tonight didn't show up, so that means I get to stay! Fun times! Sixteen hours in a row at the Oasis! Nothing could be cooler!

Actually, it's not so bad. I'm about to curl up on the comfy black leather sofa in the loft and take me a nice little snooze that will last basically the rest of my shift. Getting paid to sleep is pretty cool, but that's not all. I also get a $25.00 bonus for working a double shift. Sweet! And there's still ONE MORE BENEFIT: I don't have to work my shift tomorrow!

So you see, kids, getting stuck at work on graveyard really isn't so bad after all. Goodnight!


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