Thursday, February 02, 2006

new place -- all mine!

Having a new apartment all to myself is like being left alone in your parents' house at age 10. I feel giddy with freedom, goofy beyond reason. If I had bought myself a particularly springy bed, I would jump up and down on it. (As it is, the ceilings are pretty low anyway, so...)

So I can do whatever I want! I can eat anything at any time! I can pick the music! I can play my guitar at midnight or before the sun comes up the next morning or both! I can take a bath before bed and a shower as soon as I wake up and there's nobody there wondering why all the excess hygiene! I can hang plants everywhere, and there's no one there telling me maybe those plants would be better over here or over there or probably those plants are going to die in the low light, I should've gotten different plants. No! There's nobody saying any of that! I'm alone! And it's fucking great!


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