Tuesday, April 03, 2007

this concludes day two of being really sick

The day's accomplishments:

1.) I *drove* two blocks to the store. That's how shitty I felt.

2.) I made myself homemade chicken noodle soup -- so, you can see, I wasn't quite dead yet. But I was still feeling shitty.

3.) My girlfriend came over and gave me an acupuncture treatment to help me with my cold. Is YOUR girlfriend an acupuncturist? I didn't think so. My girlfriend is obviously much better than yours.

4.) I watched an English movie called Wonderland. It was kind of good.

5.) That's basically it. Oh! And I took a shower. That was pretty important, believe me. Now I'm going to get in the bed and read my book until I pass out.

I must feel better tomorrow. Why? Metallica Tomorrow! No, really, I need to work tomorrow. I can't keep blowing all my paid time off.


Anonymous zuhn said...

Oh fine, make me feel sorry for you. Way to work the sympathy.

Feel better soon.

12:02 PM  

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