Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Lord have mercy. Looks like I stirred up an angry hornet's nest of protective Clay Aiken fans when I said in my last post that he was like a gay, show-tune singing Howdy Doody. I didn't mean it in a *bad* way. I just meant that he's among the American Idol high-ups who don't fit into easily recognizable, stereotypical, dominant paradigm type molds. I'm not saying he can't sing. Cuz he can sing. He can definitely sing. So, C.A. fans... let's be friends again. Ok? Ok. Cool.

In other news, I went to work today for five whole hours. Everybody treated me like I was covered in weeping sores, so that was fun. I heard a lot of "Wow, you're REALLY sick. You should go home," coming from people who were slowly backing away as they spoke to me. Eventually, I took them up on it.

I think, at this point, I look and sound worse than I actually feel. Just so you know. I think I'm getting better... maybe just a little?

Ok, now I'm going to bed. This time next week, SK will be on a plane flying to England and I will be... well... at work actually. But I'll be really, really sad at work. Really sad. Oh, and lest I forget, one more big thank you to SK for cycling all the way back to work to bring me some soup tonight. That was really sweet. Thanks, baby.


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