Sunday, May 13, 2007

and now for... the *rest* of the story

After that last post about going to French movies with Donor at the art museum, I felt like I was cheating you by not giving you the full story. The full story was that, at that time, Donor and I hadn't hammered out our perfectly platonic relationship yet (as I hadn't hammered out my perfectly lesbian identity yet...) so that night at the French movie was actually a weird, bumbling date.

Donor was a good enough guy, and things went very, very well once we'd abandoned the idea that we were going on dates. However, we had to go through at *least* two more date nights before we gave it up. I'll never forget the slick moves he put on me in the parking lot after the movie. *shivers* We were sitting in the car, waiting for a long line of cars to go past behind us so we could pull out of our parking space. I was in the passenger seat with my head turned far away from his, watching all the cars behind us.

Then he said, "hey." And because "hey" didn't really register on me, because I was lost in thought, he had to say "hey," again before I turned around and found his big head with his floppy lips right there waiting to kiss me. Ewww. I had a couple dates in my day with cute boys who were good kissers. Donor wasn't one of them.

I will never forget that my very slick, sophisticated night at the museum ended in the car with Donor saying "hey." How smooth. How romantic.

Anyway, I can't remember how it happened, but we gave up dating each other pretty soon and settled into a nice, steady friendship. We did all sorts of things together, like going to more French movies, or seeing the Cure together on their crappy "Wish" tour, and we even started a band together, called the Spinning Jennies. But eventually we had a falling out over a girl.

Before the Spinning Jennies, Donor dated this hot chick named Jodi. Like most of Donor's relationships, this one didn't last long and quickly dissolved into "just-friend"ship. This chick was out of the picture for several months until she resurfaced to become the singer in our band. I hadn't really known her when she and Donor were going out, so the night she came to our band practice was the first time I really met her. Can I just tell you now that I was totally in love with her the minute she opened her mouth and sang something that sounded halfway decent? Can I tell you, anyway, that I have a terrible weakness for women who can sing? And, back then I had a terrible weakness for any women at all as, by that time, I was starting to come to my lesbian senses.

I think we were working on that Pixies classic "Where is My Mind" -- we had a chorus effect on the mic so she could sing that high, ethereal part that wafts through the song -- and you could've knocked me over with a feather. Yum.

Fast-forward several months, Jodi and I have gotten to be really good friends although, much to my disappointment, Jodi has started a relationship with our other guitarist Paul even though Jodi and I had a long heart-to-heart in which Jodi admitted liking women. Whew, it's like a soap opera. Meanwhile, we're all off at different colleges by now and hardly see each other.

Spring break, 1994: we're all back in Smithfield and we decide to have band practice. "Band practice" at that point just meant that we hung out in the attic of Donor's dad's barn and smoked pot and had instruments nearby, just in case. Donor's mom was so sweet and so cool, she'd always let us friends of Donor's sleep over after band practice, just as long as the girls slept in one room and boys slept in another...

That night, in Donor's bedroom, despite the fact that I had a girlfriend back at college and Jodi had a boyfriend right out there in the living room with Donor... Jodi and I had... let's just say... special moments together. Hours of special moments. Really, really special moments. Moments I will never forget. *Sigh*

We kept those special moments a secret, but one day, a couple years later, I accidentally let something slip to Donor. I don't know what I was thinking, I guess I just forgot how loaded it all was. And poor Donor... it was almost more than his circuits could bear. Two girls he'd separately dated had "special moments" in his bed. Without him. Jodi cheated on his best friend Paul while Paul was right there in the other room. Two girls Donor still had secret crushes on. In his bed. He wasn't invited. Cheated on Paul. Two girls. AUGH! It was enough to bust a fuse in his little brain.

Anyway, he was mad at me for awhile and even after we "made up," he still carried some resentment and eventually it was over between us. Now I haven't seen him in years, though last I heard he was singing in a band somewhere. Good for him. And Jodi's a successful painter, I googled her a few months ago and found gorgeous paintings of hers on a gallery website. Good for her! But I'm not in touch with any of them anymore. Oh well.

I guess that's the *rest* of the story...


Anonymous roro said...

Holy shit - that IS like a soap opera!! Man, that's what 90210 should have been like. Now I feel that the questions I just sent you are pretty inadequate . . .

3:29 PM  
Blogger heather said...

first story good, second story soooo much better. superb followup. i have a feeling you could write an excellent book.

10:08 PM  

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