Friday, May 11, 2007

tips for bloggers

Hiya kids! If you want to DOUBLE the traffic on your blog, here's a tip: write a post with the words "real sex" and then add a vaguely erotic picture with some blurry naked people in the background and people will come flocking to your site in DROVES! You'll get dozens of hits every day from folks here in America, and you'll even get hits from oppressive countries like Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia! They might leave disappointed, but they will come PUMP UP YOUR VOLUME!

Dude, seriously. After that review of Shortbus, my stats are through the roof. It's nuts.

Meanwhile, I finally learned what "MILF" stands for. I'm just not as porn savvy as I used to be. Oh well.

(Sitting back and waiting for the hits for "MILF" to start rolling in...)


Blogger heather said...

hah! i remember when i first saw 'MILF', i totally had to look it up. i bet PUMP UP YOUR VOLUME will help, too. and maybe including some words like 'cialis' and 'enhance' if you really want to reach for the sky. ;-)

9:41 AM  
Anonymous roro said...

Hey! I was searching for MILFs and I ended up on your bl--

9:43 PM  

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