Friday, June 15, 2007

tedious rundown of my week

I have to admit that I tend to roll my eyes when I encounter blogs that contain nothing more than a tedious rundown of all the recent mundane events in a blogger's life. Maybe I'm interested in a detailed play-by-play of my good friend's life. And maybe I'm interested in a detailed play-by-play of someone's INTERESTING life. But just the general "and then I had to rush across town to pick up the kids, and then we almost missed a dentist's appointment, and later I had to brush the dog." I mean... ok. Good for you. But why do I care? And since I don't care, I stop reading.

However, just for you and because I'm a hypocrite and because I am foolish enough to think that my life is kind of interesting, I will write for you the kind of post that makes me roll my eyes and stop reading. Ready? Here we go!

Oh my god! I am so exhausted! I have had SUCH a tedious week. First of all, I'm doing this interim case management at my work, which means that I work five extra hours a week, during which time I am supposed to be case managing about fifteen people. Hello! In five hours?? I don't think so! Which means I have to pick up all the stuff I can't finish during my case management hours during my regular shifts as a residential counselor. Which is frustrating.

Then, because I am really foolish, I agreed to come in today and work a day shift so my coworker could have a mental health day. She'd arranged coverage far in advance, but the on-caller who had agreed to take her shift got CANNED and was, therefore, no longer available to work. So I volunteered (because the overtime is nice) and boy do I regret it! What a stupid day I had. First of all, I hardly got any sleep because I got off at midnight and didn't get into bed until 1:00am, and then I had to get up at 7 because I desperately needed a shower. And I had a hard time falling asleep, so I got five hours, max.

Then there were all these stupid things going on and I spent the whole day running around like a chicken with my head cut off, dealing with one mini-crisis after another, and on top of all that also dealing with an inefficient and ridiculous bureaucracy. Social Services You Suck! And, finally, it took me one whole extra hour to finally get myself out of there.

Ok, that was really boring. Sorry. But I saved the best for last. These are the two top highlights of my week.

1.) Tuesday night I found myself sitting in the smoke room at work (the last place a non-smoker wants to be, trust me) holding a plastic bowl for someone to vomit into. That was fun.

2.) And then, Thursday night, I found myself helping that same person put on a Depends undergarment. That was also fun.

There you. I will never write a blog post like that again, I swear to god. I just had to get it all off my chest. Now I feel much better. Thank you.


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