Wednesday, January 17, 2007

as usual, they're way ahead of us

I just heard on the radio (thank god for the radio or I wouldn't know anything) that in Canada they're making a new sitcom called "Little Mosque on the Prairie."

At first I was worried, but soon I realized this wasn't some awful make-fun-of-the-muslims type show we might expect from, say, Comedy Central (or, uh, Fox News). Instead, it was created by a Muslim, presumeably will have Muslim writers, and will be about a small Muslim community in a Canadian town that decides to start a mosque in the basement of a local church.

The show will deal not only with the complications of life as a Muslim in the mostly non-Muslim West, but also with issues within Islam that are divisive and interesting to Muslims and, I imagine, to non-Muslims as well. Depending on the writing, this could be really awesome and I'm jealous that we don't (and probably won't) have something like this here.

Wonder how long it will take for DVDs of the first season to end up at the library...?


Anonymous roro said...

We watched the premiere last week! The idea is totally awesome and the execution - also pretty awesome. My favourite line? "I don't think The Prophet had a telescope from Costco." Oh, how we laughed! And then we went to Costco.

8:50 PM  

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