Sunday, November 11, 2007

so many kinds of awesome

Last night was easily the most fun I've ever had on a birthday... and it wasn't even my birthday yet! I've still got another five days to go!

In case I haven't mentioned it yet, all my kayaking friends got together and planned a big joint birthday celebration for me and Adventure Girl. A SURPRISE joint birthday celebration... they were all being very cute about keeping the secret, but Kara accidentally fucked up on the phone with me the night before, so I knew we were bowling. Never tell Kara a secret, she just doesn't have the kind of devious mind it takes to keep one.

Fine with me, I was happy to know. I hate surprises and I love bowling, so it really worked out for the best. We met up at a shady bar called the Red Room out on 82nd. It wasn't *really* shady, it only seemed that way because it was on 82nd. There were a bunch of hard core guitar hero people in there getting ready for some big guitar hero tournament. When we went up to the bar, they asked us if we had come to play and I realized that, when our huge group walked in, they probably thought we were ringers who'd just blown in from some other bar with guitar hero, planning to sweep the whole competition. But no. We didn't know what the fuck guitar hero was and we just had a drink and left.

Then we headed up to the bowling alley up the street. Did I mention I love to bowl? I love to bowl. LOVE IT. And now that I'm kayaking and my arm muscles are... well... in existence, I find it a lot *easier* to heave that ball down the lane. Oh my god, I had so much fun. I was with a great bunch of women, everybody was laughing and cheering each other on, giving lots of nerdy high fives and... yeah... it was fun. I love to bowl. I think we'll start doing it regularly, everybody had so much fun.

While we were bowling, they brought out a birthday cake one of the group had made (still not sure, but probably Maia). It was in the shape of an X (because we're the X-Factor Kayakers) and it even had paddles drawn on it. So sweet. Half was vanilla for Adventure Girl, and half was chocolate for me. So sweet. Of course, I didn't *eat* any of it last night because that would've totally disrupted the drinking of my beer, but I have a big huge hunk of it at my house right now. I'll eat it later.

Oh, and the presents!!! I got so many thoughtful gifts. For example, this badass, brown leather bracelet with a cowboy skull from Adventure Girl. She said my "real" present won't be here for a couple of days (what can it be???) but she wanted to give me something cool now. And I think it's totally awesome. I also got a very sweet collection of natural soaps and lotions from Joss, who is new to X-Factor and proving herself to be a nice addition. From Kara I got a card entitling me to one "experience" of my choosing... Hmm... Kara and I have spent a lot of time together during this kayaking adventure. She lives up the street from me, she stores my boat, she drives me everywhere... so, naturally, I developed a tiny little bit of a crush on her. *Sigh* Because that's my lot in life: to have crushes on everybody. Her card suggests I might choose an "experience" like going to a concert or a museum. Right. I can think of a few *other* experiences I wouldn't mind having with her, but I don't think she'll go for it.

Other people gave me a variety of kayaking gear, which is awesome, but the best present of all, the most awesome, wonderful gift possible was this Werner paddle. I've been using this paddle all summer, thanks to the kindness of Maia and Wndy. They each had a paddle like this until they decided to upgrade to the bent-shaft variety. All summer they let me borrow this paddle and last night they said I could have it. They are like my two sweet aunts who look out for me and take care of me and love me and it's awesome. I couldn't be happier. And I really couldn't be happier about that paddle. That's a hundred dollar paddle, easy. USED. It's a really awesome paddle and I love it.

Ok, so that was the first half of the night. Then came the dancing. Let me begin by saying that the Wonder Ballroom has been good to me. The Wonder Ballroom has been a cornucopia of awesome experiences, just for me, beginning with my first Girl4Girl dance this summer and continuing through to last night. Last weekend I went to a show at the Wonder Ballroom and met Wings. This weekend I went and not only did I dance with all my friends, not only did I run into long lost schoolmates and casual acquaintances, not only did I watch drag kings and flirt with lots of girls, I met ANOTHER chick! I think this chick's name is Gully, she's a friend of MFW's and she seems like a great person. And sexy. We danced most of the night together and I think we'll hang out again.

Unfortunately, I'm paying for all my good times with a colossal hangover. I didn't drink that much, but I didn't eat enough either. I slept till 11 and I've still got a headache. Just finished making some homemade chicken noodle soup, though, so that should help. What a weekend...


Blogger Trinity2 said...

Sounds great!

6:39 AM  
Blogger witchtrivets said...

So you were able to totally give up control of your b-day celebration? Sounds like it went well.

4:56 PM  

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