Monday, November 05, 2007

something unbearable

I'm right now in the middle of a movie so sweet and lovely, I'm finding it almost painful to watch alone. I am perfectly happy to do most things alone, but for some reason, I am desperate to share this movie with someone, preferably SK because I think she'd really like it, but that obviously not an option at this point.

The movie is called "Breaking and Entering" and I rented it (actually *rented* it, rather than checking it out from the library, which is usually how I get my movies) Saturday afternoon after hanging out in the coffeeshop on Alberta. That was before I knew about the Siren Nation show, back when I thought I was going to spend my Saturday and Sunday nights home alone. Ha ha. Little did I know...

So today I went to Color Bomb Tattoo at 12:30 to see Wings one last time while she was being tattooed. She got a gorgeous fern on her left forearm, up near her elbow. The placement was great and his lines were smooth and crisp. I was impressed. I didn't stay for the whole session because I needed to get ready for work. It was good to see Wings again and also kind of strange. In all my weird dating misadventures, I have to say, Wings is the first person to actually *move* me just a little. Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that she lives in Arizona and I knew she'd be leaving (she is, in fact, gone now). I don't know. It wasn't like a lightening bolt or anything, but I'll tell you, I was starting to feel a little jaded about dating and having feelings for people, and Wings came along and caused a mild flutter in the chest region. Wow. So... yeah. Shame she's gone.

Anyway, I left her at the tattoo shop around 2 so I could come home and eat and get ready for work. But then, once I got to work, I realized we were overstaffed. This rarely, if ever, happens. We had too many staff and I got to go home. Amazing. If I'd only known ahead of time, I could've given Wings a ride to the airport. Oh well. I came home via Wild Oats, bought a chicken (a whole chicken!) which is roasting in the oven, and I put on "Breaking and Entering."

I'd already watched half of it Saturday while I got myself ready for the Siren Nation show. And now here I am, watching the rest and completely emotionally engaged. It's a lovely movie with gorgeous people. First of all, it's got Juliette Binoche, playing an immigrant from Sarajevo living in London with her troubled teen son. This troubled teen son is mixed up with some organized criminals and he ends up breaking into Jude Law's architecture firm in King's Cross, a dodgy neighborhood.

Sure, Jude Law is hot, but much hotter is his wife in this flick, played by Robin Wright Penn. Does anyone else besides me remember when she played Kelly on Santa Barbara? She was so hot. And of course, she was the Princess Bride. What an awesome movie. But she's even hotter in this movie because she's aging. She and Juliette Binoche are both beginning to show their age and, I don't know about you, but there's nothing hotter to me than a really gorgeous woman who is beginning to age. Call me crazy. And maybe it's *my* age talking, but whatever. I love older chicks.

So Robin Wright Penn plays a half American, half Swedish woman who has an autistic gymnast daughter by her husband before Jude Law... and she and Jude Law aren't actually married, but they've been together ten years and behave like a married couple, which is to say they're miserable but too embedded in each other's lives to do anything differently. The movie, without being too tacky so far, touches on so many issues from immigration and class to psychology and relationships. It's like "Crash" set in London with hotter women.

Speaking of hot, did I mention I'm roasting a chicken? My house must be five hundred goddamn degrees right now! I better go open the door and get some cool air in here before the fire alarm goes off. Again.


Blogger stumptown dreamer said...

oohh, that movie sounds so excellent... and that you got *moved* by wings and that you are roasting a chicken, all sounds excellent.

thanks for SKYPE time this morning...

and for writing such a good blog.

love this NaBloWriMo thing...

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