Wednesday, November 07, 2007

i'm crafty

Ok, I'm not really crafty, but regardless of my usual craftlessness, I undertook a crafty project today. I spent about four hours sitting in my floor listening to NPR and sewing patches on my favorite jeans. Oh my god was I stiff afterwards. I could hardly stand up and walk when it was all finally over. Here are the results.

Patch number one: the simple patch. I bought this fabric about ten years ago because I was planning to make (another) quilt. (Ok, so maybe I'm slightly more crafty than I realize...) I even went so far as to cut quilt squares. Needless to say, no quilt materialized.

These are my favorite jeans, now with patches. I love these jeans. The holes that had developed were massive and ridiculous, yet I kept wearing them anyway...

Here's the finished product, in it's natural environment. Worked out pretty well.

**Notice I'm not showing you a close up of patch number two: the less than simple patch, or Frankenpatch as I like to call it. Long story, just trust me that the patch on the right leg was much more difficult because the hole on the right leg was the kind of hole(s) you might find after a grizzly bear attack. So... I'm just happy to have patches on now, they don't have to be perfect.


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